“Organic Community” Explained By Elders Of The Black Sun

Brilliant Essay by Elders Of The Black Sun:


New Readers,

In the past 24 hours we have been flooded with messages from Whites who are sickened by what is happening in South Africa and Zimbabwe; but are equally sickened with the “Nazism” of this page.

Yes, as Radical Traditionalists, we venerate and honor the National Socialists (Nazis).

It is a great honor to be associated with these last Heroes of Europe.

Let us explain a few misconceptions to you.

  1. National “Socialism”
  2. Holocaust and Anti-Semitism
  3. Organic Community
  4. World Conquest
  5. Bolshevism

1. National Socialism is not an economic ideology.

The “Socialism” component is not related to Marxism, but rather it stems from Oswald Spenglers “Prussian Socialism”.

Prussian Socialism is opposed to both Capitalism and Marxism, both of which are seen to be vulgarly materialistic and promoting no higher values than wealth and production.

This Prussian “Socialism” was to be an organizational principle based on uniting the economic classes in service to the whole, rather than the furthering of some conflict between the rich and the poor.

The National Socialists invented the term “Privatization” as well as abolishing Labor Unions nationwide.

However; they also introduced the 40 hour work week, paid holidays, overtime, and introduced safety regulations for workers.

They stood against Usury and International Banking, freeing their nation from the being dominated by corporate fat cats; standing up for the worker AND the business owner.

The goal was to bring the Bourgeois and the Proletariat together in cooperation in service to the Nation.

Capitalism is enslaves the Proletariat.

Marxism enslaves the Bourgeois.

National Socialism stresses organic harmony and unity.

In this organic state, we find the Nation working together towards prosperity. Not reliant on slave labor from the 3rd world for its goods (as in Capitalism) or the enslavement of its own people (as in Marxism) for a failed central plan.

National Socialism dug Germany out of the Great Depression and hardships of the post-WW1 economy, launching Germany onto the world stage as a self-sufficient, duty-bound Nation of Loyalty and Honor.

2. The Holocaust and Anti-Semtism.

How did the Nazis ‘trick’ all of Germany to ‘scapegoat’ the Jews?

Was this land of Rocket Scientists, Philosophers, Engineers, and highly educated Laborers truly naive enough to be ‘tricked’ by some angry speeches?

Is it possible that they knew something then that has been hidden from us now?

The victors write the history, right?

Perhaps they wanted Jews out of their society for the same reason that today, many want Muslims removed from our societies.

They are collectively a subversive and hostile people, who pit themselves against us in a game of tribal identity politics.

The Jews, unlike the Muslims, also dominated finance, government, the courts, academia, the media etc.

(They still do)

Would you like Muslims dominating the most influential and important parts of your society?

No. You want YOUR countrymen to run YOUR society.

Similarly, the National Socialists wanted the pervasive Jews out of the German sphere of influence.

Now, what are Jews?

Are they a Race or a Religion?


Judaism is an Ethno-Religion in which your ‘Jewishness’ is based on your if you are born to a Jewish mother.

Thus, all Jews are part of one Tribe. DNA confirms this.

Thus a Jew may be an Atheist or a Christian or a Muslim, but he is still biologically a member of the Jewish Tribe, allowing him ‘Right of Return’ to Israel if he desired to do so.

Modern ‘Converts’ to Judaism is more of a product of the Modern Times and should not be factored into this discussion.

Gentiles who have converted to Judaism, while Religiously Jewish, will always be seen as a Gentile to the Jewish Eye, as he is not rooted in the Tribe.

Judaism isn’t like Christianity. It isn’t ‘open to all’.

So now the Holocaust.

Firstly, no one denies that Jews were sent to concentration camps and were discriminated against.

However, in the camps, the ‘gassing’ of Jews is Soviet Black Propaganda.

It never happened. (Darn)

The photos you’ve seen of skinny Jews and mass graves were a result of Allied bombing of the German Supply Lines.

In the final days of the war, the camps weren’t able to have food delivered to them and the camps were being severely rationed and people were starving.

Additionally, there was a Typhus epidemic at that time, which killed many inmates and guards alike.

Typhus is spread by lice, which is why inmates were shaven and their clothes taken to be ‘deloused’ by a chemical ‘Zyklon B’.

If a human being is gassed with Zyklon B, the body is stained a Blue color. There has been zero bodies which have been tested as positive for this chemical.

The ‘ovens’ were too limited in number for it to be mathematically possible to destroy every body which was presumably gassed.

Additionally there is zero records of any German order of the systemic genocide of Jews.

At the Nuremberg Trails, the Auschwitz Camp Commandant was tortured into signing a pre-written confession of mass murder, but after signing he made clear that it was not true.

Its called Victors Justice. Many Congressmen in the USA stood against it, notably Sen. Robert Taft (President Tafts son who almost bear Eisenhower for the GOP ticket).

3. Organic Community

This one should be simple.

We humans are social animals who should work together.

Self-sacrifice, not selfishness, is the basis of community.

Individualism and Democracy tears a nation apart into a million different competing interests.

This makes such a people weak and easy to be lorded over (by those at the top, who were and continue to be, Jews).

Collectivism in the Soviet Sense is the herding of this mass of individuals into one controllable mass whom you can enslave.

People without any freedom or free will.

But Organic Community is the recognition that everyone in a group and has a unique part to play in service to the whole.

Just like a sports team, there is a coach and there are players.

But each player has their own role to play on the field. They work together to achieve collective victory.

They don’t lust after each others positions as they would as in individualism, and they aren’t being whipped on their backs as in collectivism.

Everyone has a role, which they enthusiastically pursue.

A community has the right to impose objective morality in order to promote virtue, true freedom, and happiness.

Thus the National Socialists burned books which went against public morality.

Marxist texts, pornographic materials, Freudian psychology, and decadent literature.

Plato recommends doing exactly this to ensure that children grow up uncorrupted. Something our society is sorely missing today.

4. World Conquest

Hitler did not want to take over the world.

After WW1, Germany had portions of its country stripped away and given to the victors as the spoils of war.

Imagine if a portion of your country was given to someone else as a prize.

Now imagine that those displaced countrymen were being persecuted and killed by their new host countries.

This was the case in Poland.

Germany sought to give the displaced Germans the right of Self-Determination, so they could live as Germans in Germany again.

England and France did not like this, as a strong Germany threatened them economically (Germany was prosperous while the rest of the world was in a Great Depression).

After the Munich Agreement where Chamberlain “appeased” Hitler, Britain and France gave war guarantees to Poland, who now felt untouchable, and began openly persecuting the German population.

After numerous attempts at a German diplomatic solution, finally, war became the only option.

Poland was defeated, and Britain and France declared war on Germany.

Months passed with relatively no conflict, as Germany begged for peace (which it continued to do for the duration of the war).

But after asking for peace and being repeatey denied, war was forced upon Hitler.

So, in a very limited and relatively bloodless campaign, Germany defeated France and allowed them their own government. There was no mass bombings. No total warfare.

Hitler saw the English as the brothers of the Germans, and demanded that to his Generals to allow the British troops at Dunkirk to escape as an act of good will as he continued to pursue peace.

The gesture of goodwill was not returned.

As the war progressed, Churchill began ‘terror bombing’ of civilian populations in Germany, which Hitler allowed to happen for weeks before replying with the London Bombings by the Luftwaffe.

Hitler had Total War forced upon him.

He never wanted to take over the world.

5. Bolshevism

The Red Revolution (A Marxist-Jew coup against the Russian Monarchy) had left all of Europe terrified of the horrors of Communism.

In the interwar years, Germany was under threat of Communist Revolution as well. Led by Jews in Germany, the Communists tried to claim Germany for the USSR.

The National Socialists and the Brownshirts rose from this environment. Militant politics was needed as a measure against the Militant Jewish Communists.

During the War itself, Germany saw itself as waging a Holy Crusade against the Atheistic Judeo-Bolshiviks from the East.

They were leading the defense of European Civilization.

In the end, they were betrayed by their brothers in America and England.

We could have all fought against Judeo-Bolshivism together and saved millions of Europeans from forced starvation, the Gulag, and Eastern Europe from decades of slavery.

We could have given birth to a New Age of European Civilization.

Instead, we waged a Brother War that left millions of the most heroic Europeans on both sides of the war; dead.

As tragic as that war was in the end, we thank you for the label of Nazi.

It is a great honor to be counted among Heroes of National Socialist Germany.

We never died.

We will never die.

You can kill us, bind us, imprison us, and torture us.

But you will never defeat us.

Hail Victory.

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